K-Yan that signifies Knowledge Vehicle is one of the core technology components of K-Class. Designed at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, the K-Yan combines a hi-tech projector with a PC, a DVD writer, a TV tuner, in-built speakers, a 500 GB HDD, 3G-Internet, a wireless keyboard and a mouse – all in one box
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Award-Winning Technology

The K-Yan has won the Indian Innovation Award 2005 and Maharashtra IT Award 2004 for the best community learning technology. The Outlook Magazine has also rated it as one of the top innovations that will change India. Over the past seven years, over 2,00,000 teachers in 8,000 government and private schools have been using the K-Yan to change the way their students learn in classrooms.


The projector is of the highest quality in terms of brightness (lumens) and it allows the students to view content even in an open and bright classrooms.


The PC included in the K-Yan, allows the school to use it for many other activities, like teaching computers, making PowerPoint presentations, and even for screening movies and event videos.


The K-Yan is portable and less cumbersome to set up compard to laptops attached to projectors or fixed infrastructure like electronic white boards. Moreover, it can also be used outside classrooms for special events and movie shows.

Internet Access

The K-Yan supports broadband internet connectivity that allows the teacher to access the best content available on the web within the confines of the school.


The K-Yan comes with an interactive feature that converts your wall or whiteboard into an interactive teaching surface. You can write, draw, highlight and move the content like a touch screen.

High Quality Sound

The in-built loudspeakers eliminate the need for a separate audio system in each classroom.


The school can attach the K-Yan to a DTH connection to watch television channels, like National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel and other important educational programmes within the confines of a classroom.

Huge Storage

The spacious hard disk storage allows the school to store unlimited content in the form of multimedia, movies, school videos and projects, songs, etc. The DVD player and the multiple USB ports allow external content to be viewed on the K-Yan.

A Simple, Uncomplicated Teaching Aid

With all these hi-tech innovations built into one unit, the K-Yan remains a compact teaching aid designed to enable a teacher to focus on teaching rather than technology. At the touch of a button the teacher can toggle between multiple media like PC, TV and Internet to bring about an immersive classroom experience to the students.


A wonderful mix of over 10,000 digital units stored in the K-Yan.

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The K-Class Program offers several value added services to the schools.

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